Grey/brown and seemingly dead to green and LIFE!

It’s incredible …. it’s unbelievable… Its REAL!… You just need to go back in my blogs to believe how bad it got! WE ARE THROUGH THE TUNNEL of DARKNESS …. of DROUGHT and we MUST LEARN FROM IT! The last month or so has been the most extraordinary feeling.. There seems to be a sense […]


I know I’ve said before that the rains have come and its the end of the drought BUT I think this time its for real!!! already by the end of March its more than we’ve had for a LOOOOOONG TIME!!! I just want you all to know that the relief is UNBELIEVABLE.. Its amazing what […]

LTAU OISHIWIE LIKAE (A heart that depends on another heart)

BIODIVERSITY!.. living together, using each other to stay alive.. how ever we want to call it! … I thought this bumble bee homing in on a flower was a nice start! To survive the bee needs the flower and the flower needs the bee.. LIVING IN NATURE.. Here’s a nice story.. For many years this […]

UP’S AND DOWN’S OF 2022… + a report on the last 16 months Milgis work..

The DOWN of course is the everlasting drought Northern Kenya seems to be enduring.. The UP is the incredible resilience shown by the people and animals, wild and tame living there!! DOWNS.. we’ve had some terrible fires in the mountains.. Our valuable water towers.. This fire on the south side of the Ndotos destroying an […]

ALL this in memory of ‘Lene Maria’!

Lene Maria lost her life on Utoyia Island about 11 years ago in the most terrible mass shooting imaginable.. She was just 18 and already putting her mind to helping others, and she started really showing interest in water issues in Northern Kenya.. The Bergum family in her memory started the ‘Lene Maria for clean […]

DROUGHT…. Wildlife fairing well … incredible!

We are all aware of the drought in East Africa.. In our area the rains have been very sporadic and patchy for well over two years now…. ‘its keeping us all on our toes’ and we just keep thinking positive thoughts for rain, and lots of it !! In the mean time I have been […]


Every one was hoping when Jupiter and Venus passed each other it was going to bring the rain?? (You can see them above Mt Kenya .. Jupiter below Venus above..) AND IT DID COME.. the next day huge puffy thunderous clouds, lots of noise, massive downpours in patches!.. Floods and all.. BUT two days later […]