Water will flow finally for people and Grevy’s in Masikita!!

Yes the remote, dusty, dangerous centre of Masikita is the next lucky place to receive a Solar water project!! Thanks to the Bergum family from Norway who sadly lost their daughter, Lene Maria in the Utoya shooting, so wanted to remember her in a rather special and unusual way.. Also thanks to the VOSS foundation for organising the whole thing… Masikita is a very important place for many nomadic communities who come from far and wide to graze their stock here, and also for the Grevy Zebra, that live here.. The biggest problem on the Elbarta plains, where this little centre is, is WATER!! ( and insecurity, but not much we can do there!..) The Milgis Trust hopes that this project will really alleviate this problem.. We have put a very good and reliable Lorentz pump, and 12 powerful solar panels, to make sure there will always be enough for every one!.. The community are very excited about the prospects of sharing with the Grevy Zebras, and are building a special trough for this!!
On the 20th-23rd Feb. the Bergum family and representatives from VOSS foundation will be walking to Masikita to celebrate with the people, and hand over the WATER…



The old and the new!! A nice little group of young camels, grazing near the solar panels, in the evening light..

So what goes into these water projects, just a few photos of putting the whole thing together.. All the supplies are brought up from Nairobi in a 10 ton lorry, which in itself is an exciting 2 day journey.. Then the work starts!


Digging the trench and laying the pipe is done mainly by the community.. this time its about 2.50 kms


The women came to dig the trench because the men are busy looking after their stock.. The threat of Cattle thieves is very real at the moment and nobody can afford to rest.. The word relax does not exist in this part of the world!.. As usual the trench digging is done with plenty of good spirit..



The lovely lady in blue, right of the child came to shake my hand with great vigour, as four months ago she was blind!.. Thanks to the eye mission in South Horr she now can dig the trench.. She is a very very happy lady!!

Next is the Solar panels.. From setting out the Solar array and welding the stand together,



and finally making sure that the solar panels are not steal able! I’m afraid even out here its a big problem..


At the bore hole, taking the old diesel pump out,


and gently putting the solar pump in..


Now to sorting out the control boxes, and the wiring.. much concentration, and don’t need any mistakes! theres alot of power coming from those solar panels!


Drilling holes to bolt the Control boxes, and again to make sure every thing is unstealable!


Which wires goes where!!..


Discussing the situation..

Finally when the solar panels were connected, the water came pouring out of the bore hole and its 5 pm!


First person to take a drink, and excitement all round!




Making a sturdy base for the two 10000 litre tanks above the centre on the hill..

finally last but not least the grevys trough going in out side the centre,




life’s full of strains and struggles and the mother of this child came to ask for help.. Has any one ever seen any thing like this before, any one know what it is.. or where we can turn to for help this unfortunate family..


the latest Milgis orphan!! Its literally 1 and half inches long, but strong and full of the joys of life!! Its a northern Crombec.. He/she may be small but such a character!!

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