Frozen Elephants or Elephant Matywooins?

In May 2010, we were camping on the South side of Mt Nyiru, when one of the Samburu came and asked me if I had seen the Frozen people…… What on earth was he talking about? So off we went to check it out!..

1 Frozen people

On arrival it looks like what might have been a settlement from the past, the long past perhaps, as the Samburu don’t know any one that lived like that!…There was several circles of standing rocks, interspersed with piles of rocks, in about an area about the same size as a manyatta today.. But the Samburu say absolutely not!

2 rings and piles of rocks

They firmly believe that these were all people at a big gathering, and they were all dancing when they were all frozen as they were, because of a disagreement with ‘Ngai’??.. They call them Matywooins .. They even pointed out .. You see here theres a pregnant woman, and here, a tall man, there, a child holding another child’s arm..!! OK, Ok I ‘sort’ of believe you.. says I

3 frozen as they were

Seeing our enthusiasm, we were told that there were some other Matywooins on the other side of the Mountain! .. Big ones!!

4 South Houth Valley

So enthusiastically ‘muggins’ and others head across the Mountains, to find something completely natural, again a circle of rocks, huge ones!, but some of them have been weathered in strange shapes!

5 circle of huge rocks

6 weathered into strange shapes

Really it was just a natural circle of rocks!! So we left it there!

But not long ago we came across the most amazing collection of rocks in the Keno Valley in the Ndotos.. I called it an ‘Elephant Matywooin’, BUT arriving and seeing these rocks gave me shivers up my spine..

7 frozen Eleys

It was so like a group of ‘Frozen’ Elephants standing there on a huge flat slab of rock.. But it wasn’t that, that sent the shivers it was the fact that the rocks had all been rubbed soooo smooth, by many, many Elephants, more than we can imagine could have graced this beautiful country…… Oh for the old times, when these great animals lived peacefully..

8 Elephant size rocks

Imagine the hundreds and thousands of Elephants had visited this Matywooin.. I’m sure their fore-Elephants had not been frozen for they definitely had done nothing wrong.. They came probably to be sociable, and to rub themselves on these huge Elephant size rubbing rocks!!..

9 rubbed untill smooth

These rocks are really really hard, to even make a scratch on one with a knife is difficult!

Kosma, getting the feel, and thinking about what it must have been like when the Elephants were mingling with these rocks all those years ago..

10 Kosma feeling the past

We camped right amoungst the rocks half expecting the whole place to become alive in the moon light and trample us!!

11 testing the air

12 Camp in the rocks

13 Elephant Ghosts

4 thoughts on “Frozen Elephants or Elephant Matywooins?

  1. What a fantastic story helen, wish I was there.
    Tried to Tweet this but cant get it to work yet, keeps saying my info is wrong.
    Sue x

  2. A great story from close home. Coming from Ngurunit I really enjoy and happy about the great work you guys are doing with the Malgis Trust. I have interacted with some of the scouts (Loibor and Leakono) and good work they really are doing.

    Will once Like to pay a visit to you guys. Thanks again Hellen Douglas Dufresne

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