Playing with fire!

Its wonderfull having these night cameras out there.. We do miss so much when we are sleeping!! This lovely sequence of pictures were taken in the Sererit valley .. NdotoMountains

I don’t know who would have come off worse if the leopard had persevered!!

Image extracting his prey out of a hole!!

Image  By the Leopards expression, it looks as if he may have bitten, more that he can chew!

Image He’s being pretty care full here!

Image What is it??

Image oooooo

Image aaaaaah

Image  I see!! a very cross Porcupine..

Image A rather ruffeled chap.. had a little tumble in the Jungle!

Image  cautiously following his prey…!

Image and away!!..

Lots more news on the way.. We have been busy up there in the Milgis..


5 thoughts on “Playing with fire!

  1. This is wonderful Helen. And congrats on the recognition you were given by Departures…well deserved.


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    A. K. Taylor International Ltd.

    2724 Arvin Road

    Billings, MT 59102


    Business: 406 294 9430

    Fax: 406 294 9431

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    A.K. Taylor International:


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    Facebook: Anne K. Taylor Fund

  2. Wow! These are fantastic and you’re right, we miss so much at night. Wish we could see in the dark too! Hope you’re well and keep up your fantastic work. Lots of love Astrid (now married to Jamie Findlay!) xxx

  3. Good to hear from you again, Helen….was starting to worry.
    Great night photos. Hope the leopard didn’t get too many quills in his face!

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