All Smiles in Kasipo and Seren..

A Kasipo Smile

A Kasipo Smile

painting by Nderit ‘2’

The Milgis Message

The Milgis Message


Funded by VOSS Image Implimented by Milgis Trust!!

When you have to walk minimum 10 kms and up to 60 kms for just a drink, because the hand pump may be broken, or the well is empty, or an animal has fallen in to the well, or the Elephants smashed the well, because they are also thirsty, or whatever?? having a beautiful new solar pumping system at Kasipo is a real reason to smile.. Thank you VOSS foundation from every one in this valley.. They can’t believe its true!!

Its a vast dry area, fabulous mountains and dry bush.. Heres a picture taken from where the Seren tank is, looking East then West..     For some reason water is hard to find here!

Water for Seren The tank put 5 kms from Kasipo, and half way to Seren, just to ease their water problems..

Oh what a beautiful day!..

Oh what a beautiful day!..


Kasipo Valley


We traveled with the  camel train from Ngurnit  with some brave Norwegian friends to open the project with the Kasipo/Seren people and we were joined by hundreds of people from all round some from over 40 kms to celebrate this important day!!  yes WATER IS LIFE’!’

On the way Ngurnit area

On the way Ngurnit areaAnd beautiful day with Alimissionmountain behind

It was a very hot walk but so beautiful..


At the top of a pass, a light moment and a sing song getting there!


On our way we had an incredible rain storm in the night, and the next day we came across this wonderful peaceful scene on one of our dams.. They had not had any rain since april! Usually all these animals and people would have to walk many many miles every two days to find water..

A dam dug by the Milgis Trust

On arriving at Kasipo after four long days of walking we were greeted by this most wonderful sound of women singing.. hundreds of them.. I think all of us had a tear in our eyes as we walked up!

Arrival at Kasipo

Then the Blessing of the well was performed by the elders, then the speeches.. Everyone had wonderful clear messages of what this water would do for them!

Blessing the well


The gathering and speeches

Just beautiful women


Followed by each group of women, singing their praises at the top of their voices.. Also the school from Seren sang beautifully!


By now we were exhausted! But we still had to open the water five kms away for the people of Seren.. Yes we piped the water to a tank all that way and they wanted an official openi

Anette opening the tap for the seren community

Anette opening the tap for the seren community

late in the evening the final song of THANKS!!

late in the evening the final song of THANKS!!

After nearly 30 years of coming to this area, from day one there has been water problems here!  It was wonderful to finally see that the people had water! We are so happy .. THANK YOU VOSS FOUNDATION FROM EVERY ONE ON THE NORTH EAST SIDE OF THE NDOTO MOUNTAINS!!!

Next blog will be on the trials and tribulations of implimenting a project in such a remote area!

One thought on “All Smiles in Kasipo and Seren..

  1. Well done Voss and Milgis Trust! A wonderful project. I love the artists paintings and the fact this they include not just front and sides of the wildlife but the backsides too… especially love, the camel!

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