Doing a proper job is paramount in these remote places.. !!

Milgis Trust and VOSS Foundation believe in a proper long lasting job…..

This is what one wants to see after a project is implemented!! The project working!!.. Water flowing!…  Peoples difficult lives eased, by good management and continuity..

Image  One of the many reasons we like to work with VOSS Foundation is that they, like we, want to see the projects that they fund last for ever!.. Not like many projects that we see in Northern Kenya that last for give or take 3-6 months and  thats the end.. Image

In fact these days theres a saying for AID/NGO projects.. ‘Kula twende’   (Eat and lets go), and sadly there are many.. ITS PATHETIC,  AND VERY SAD.. I do think that if people want to put money into helping communities out in these remote areas, you need to be careful who you choose.. There are NO pictures of these projects here, but they exist!

Heres quite a fun lot of pictures of implimenting these water projects..

Gathering all the materials from Nairobi is a challenging start..   Image We take every thing to our workshops and weld every thing ready.. Heres the sign post, the gate and behind the solar panel frames..  Image  Next is getting a lorry owner who will agree to take his lorry up into these remote areas!

Image   The heavy stuff, like the cement goes on the bottom, and always a concern if it rains so here it is well covered!  Here’s unpacking every thing about 20 kms away from Kasipo as the lorry can not get there.. Image The manyattas in the area can’t believe their eyes!

Image  Abit of chaos, unpacking every thing in the middle of no where, but its all soon scooped up into the cruisers, and carried on to kasipo, the final destination!

Image   Image  If one thing is broken it is about 400 kms back to the suppliers to replace it!!  so careful packing!!!

Image !!!!!

Image     More chaos on arrival at Kasipo.. 5 kms of pipeing, frames for the panels, generators for welding , wheelbarrows for carting sand,  camping gear, and bedding, food, the precious Lorentz pump, and all the wiring, control boxes etc etc!

lorentz pump








The old hand pump in use,very little water, because the pipe bringing the water up from the bore hole is full of holes, and the pump barely works.. Its been fixed hundreds of times! General scenes in Kasipo before the new system is installed..



Image  Image

Funny the people of kasipo were worried about us taking the old system away because there are so many solar systems that have been put up in these areas.. ‘kula twende’ ones! that they preffered us to leave the old hand pump that broke down every day!.. Because at least there was a little water coming out of the borehole!.. But we persuaded them that we would do a good job, and it will be properly maintained!

Image Image

Fixing the legs on to the panel frames, and then welding the panels into the frames.. so as to stop any one stealing the solar panels…

Image  Wiring up the solar panels to the controller and then to the pump..

Image   This solar pump is the best quality that one can buy.. good quality means continual and long lasting service, for MANY YEARS!!

Image  70 meters of pipeline to go down into the bore hole..

Image  Connected to the solar panels and BINGO… WATER… When they saw that water really flowed, they were absolutely delighted.. the animals were first to drink..


All these thirsty animals!!! They also can’t believe their luck…..

Now to get the water to the Seren community…

ImageImage  5 kms of this ! ImageImage and then getting the tank up the hill was interesting as well!!Image  Image

The people still walk many many miles, but at least when they arrive they find  WATER..    Image                         Image

Water , water, water.. Free from the sun!!  thank you to VOSS foundation and all their supporters!!Image ALL ANIMALS, WILD AND DOMESTIC ARE WELCOME AT THIS TROUGH, ITS ALWAYS FULL..

3 thoughts on “Doing a proper job is paramount in these remote places.. !!

  1. What a fabulous blog posting, reflecting a fabulous lot of effort for an excellent cause. How lucky the people of the region are to have Milgis Trust to watch over projects & keep them working. Congratulations! Kate

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