Our Twins..

our special two.. crossing below elkanto

our special two on the right.. crossing below Elkanto

sorry every one, for some reason the last post [ proof positive, our twin are alive and well! ] published before I’d finished.. YES, probably pressed the wrong button!, but the full blog on our healthy happy twins is up now.. please go to the blog!! https://milgistrust.wordpress.com/

Apparently, elephants have a less than one percent chance of giving birth to twins, and if they do, one of the calves is likely not to survive. Unfortunately, mother elephants have a hard time producing enough milk to sustain two calves, so in order for both calves to survive, the mother has to have plenty of resources and be in a stress‐free environment. Indicative of how the elephants are in the Milgis – long may that last! Also considering how dry it’s been, we are of course delighted!



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