A gigantic wind fall from Norway!!.. From JUST AROUND THE ‘NEXT’ CORNER ART AUCTION!!..

Here we are again thanking people from outside Kenya for helping us save the future of this beautiful and extremely important eco-system!!

For this totally extraordinary achievement we THANK our special friends and Milgis STARS Cecilie Malm-Brundtland (Milgis trustee) Annete Krosby (new Milgis Trustee), for days and days AND DAYS of tireless work to make it a success… Knut Brundtland for making a promise many years ago that “a million dollars” would be a reality one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and VOSS foundation for believing in the Milgis!  Then we THANK a wonderful man called Christen Sveas for the venue.. The beautiful Kistefos museum on its seasonal opening day, and CAN YOU BELIEVE IT FOR DOUBLING THE FUNDS RAISED at the auction through his company Kistefos AS Norway!!!! Mark Poltimore the energetic and totally persuasive auctioneer and Southerbys waiving all fees..  AND lastly but not least ALL ‘YOU’  that bought the art in the name of conservation and clean water..

This means that the Milgis Core operations and projects are secure for a few years to go!! We are very very very grateful to EVERY ONE THAT WAS INVOLVED!!

The auction was held on the 31st of May 2015, but the Milgis Trust’s future was confirmed after a contingency of Norwegian friends came to the Milgis to deliver the unbelievable news!! You know what this means.. We can now concentrate on the job, of preserving our flora, fauna and the peoples way of life in this forgotten and unbelievably beautifull part of the world..  Now my life will change, I will not be fretting about where the funds will come from from year to year to keep this vital work going!. it means our Milgis Friends don’t need to spend hours and hours AND HOURS writing lengthly proposals, even when you’ve done it you don’t know if it will go through ..  It means ‘OUR’ ELEPHANTS ARE SAFE!!!! It means we can continue our awareness on the plight of the lions, to look for a way to live with them, it means we can continue eradicating rabies, sending people from poor families to university, IT MEANS so so much..So many things come to mind!!  but the most important thing is we have the money to run the core operations of our Trust for a few years!!   Our scouts and informers can continue their good work with renewed energy.. so many battles they have to solve..   for example trying to stop the fires burning on these valuable water towers, and down on the luggas, deciphering if its on purpose or not, if it is to follow up.. if its not to teach the person how  to be careful!  Also to work with the community’s to save the carnivores and to mitigate when a goat or camel has been eaten,  or to follow up on poachers..or to calm an angry man when his water hole has been completely destroyed by a herd of Elephants having fun..  They do have their work cut out!

Thank goodness the Milgis future for the core operations is Secure.. I am sooooooooo relieved!!


I love this introduction from Knut on the catalog!!  It Says so much about the enthusiasm of the whole JANC auction..

“Ma-bay, ma-bay,” say the Samburu guides who accompany us when we walk through their arid land to visit a Voss Foundation water project, as we do several times a year. “It’s just around the corner. Move on, move on”. We keep those words with us when we return to the Voss Foundation offices in Oslo and New York. We must keep moving on. We never imagined how successful our 2011 Just Around the Corner art auction was going to be. Hun- dreds of contributors from all around the globe, all across the art world, came together to change the lives of thousands of people in Northern Kenya with our local partners, Milgis Trust, not to mention in the six other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa where Voss Foundation works. That first art auction showed us the magnifying power of selflessness, kindness, and charity. At the same time that it allowed all of us to come together to give the gift of access to clean water, we gave ourselves the gift of collaboration. But our work is not done. We must keep going on. And so we find ourselves on another “safari”. Another challenge, another adventure with Milgis Trust, another art auction. Further achievement is just around the next corner. We have accomplished so much, but our work is not done. The wildlife in the Milgis eco-system is not sustainable, yet. The elephants are coming back to the area, but the situation is still fragile. There are still far too many rural African communities where a lack of access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene impede development. Too many children die of preventable disease, too many girls are kept out of school, too many women forced to risk attack and injury because of problems that we can solve. The solution is just around the corner, we only have to get there. And so, just as we do when we walk through the sand in Kenya, we must keep on. “Ma-bay, ma-bay,” my friends, we are so close! Thank you for your support. Knut Brundtland President Voss Foundation 

The Norwegian contingency out on the Milgis!!

An Elephant came out to greet the Norwegian contingency out on the Milgis!!

3 thoughts on “A gigantic wind fall from Norway!!.. From JUST AROUND THE ‘NEXT’ CORNER ART AUCTION!!..

  1. Helen, thank you for these wonderful news. I’m so happy for you 🙂 I’ll continue to support your work whenever I can. The work of Milgis Trust gives me hope for a better, sustainable future for wildlife and people. Brgds, Pirjo

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