Happy ‘holi’days from the Milgis..


Another beautiful Milgis Sunrise!

Milgis Achievements and thankyou’s.. 2015

A few picture’s from the year!..

We’ve vaccinated against rabies, 100’s and 100’s of dog’s, and dewormed.. Good healthy happy dogs will warn their owners of predators and also won’t get killed because they suspect rabies if they are abit thin..

Masikita visit

Visiting Masikita,  Lene Maria’s first water project with VOSS foundation where we found Arian ( do you remember the little girl with the growth on her nose many years back! and her mother.. thanks to the Bergum family she is back on the road..

Arian finally after 3 years


Masikita cimiti.. the next lucky place to have a  VOSS/Lene Maria water project!

treating an Elephant

darting a sick elephant with the DSWT vet’s in Lokumukum area.. THANK YOU TO THE VET TEAM..


Rita our nurse doing her magic.. The girl sitting in the chair looks like shes advertising Toread, but in fact she’s showing us she can see the pencil! Rita saved this mans life.. he was in a car crash.. yes in those empty spaces up there the driver somehow ditched it!,1 person died and this guy had a burst spleen.. We flew him to Wamba hospital on deaths door with rita proping him up!! here he is proudly showing me the damage!!



We are extremely grateful to the MARWEL WILDLIFE for the use of this landcruiser.. its been busy.. Taking mobile clinics, rescueing elephants, building class rooms, going on awareness journeys..  you name it its there.. Thank you very much.. In fact as we talk its in Urra, as sadly, we lost a big elephant this month to poachers, and there is a big meeting with the community in  hope to find the culprit..

Another day in Rita’s office.. Mobile clinic.. a burn’t leg and a thorn to dig out!  Thanks to MEAK and suzanne this is possible..

Mama Stephen (Lebiteling), trying to make enough baskets to send her son to college..but it was too much and she could not keep up..  thanks to Kristine Furulholman giving up her birthday presents , she’s now getting a little help! and 3 others!..

Next step for the Mpagas water project.. collecting all the piping, and welding the solar frames..

Noonchura school

Suzanne, from Wanaduma childrens project had this little nursary school  built in Noochura in memory of her dear mother.. Here she is with the mothers and fathers handing it over!

Hooray for trees!

This is what our Milgis School headmaster thinks!! Arn’t we lucky to have him..

all the lad’s and lady’s who are going to uni or college, thanks to Christen and VOSS foundation( JANC art auction may 31st 2015).. They all come from very poor backgrounds.. to the right was the family’s christmas lunch last year, and Safarin the girl on the right is building her family a new house!

Above.. Remember the burn’t patch in the Ndoto’s.. Below.. this is a few months after abit of rain!.. abit better..  AND this is what I mean by cutting trees.. this tree was cut down to feed a few goats today, but what about tomorrow???


My pride and joy.. Soit Ele-Salau..

A camel safari

This is where Pete and I will be for the next 6 weeks.. Out with the camels enjoying the hard work we all do in the Milgis.. seeing the calm elephants, the beautiful scenery after the rains, with plenty of song and laughter as it is always when you live with the Samburu people..

Out in the bush

Wake up, wake up, the suns up and we’re missing the best time of the day!!  And below.. one of our lovely camels!!

Camels safari

This year there was a terrible haemoragic camel disease that wiped out 10 % of the young 2-3 year old camels …. nobody knows what to cure it with.. We tried every thing the only thing that seems to work is 50 grms of black tea into the camels mouth followed by a bottle of water!

Soooooo many thanks to Serlan foundation for this fantastic addition to our fleet..  THANK YOU!!

Our pride and joy

THE MILGIS’s PRIDE and JOY!!!! Our twins…





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