Will we see elephants on Mt Kulal soon?!!

Its true elephants never forget!.. They know there is a remote mountain further north that used to be part of their ‘home’ and they have been probing the desert north/east of the Ndotos to see if theres a way back to Kulal.. .. We are all excited about it!..As this is at the crux of the Milgis work… These sign posts are dotted around where the Milgis covers just to remind people that Elephants are good…. and because the people living here have welcomed them back they are now looking further!


1. A Elephants are friendsjpg

‘Ndovu ni Rafiki’.. means ELEPHANTS ARE FRIENDS!! This sign post is at Kileswa, where elephants were gone for 40 years!  It shows the advantages of Elephants.. (they clear the thick bush and make pathways, they bathe in mud and make good water catchments, and they knock the acacia pods out of the trees for all the animals to enjoy!

We believe that wildlife and pastoral people’s can live peacefully together as they have done for so long, and there should not be any borders.. Our mandate has been to ‘pave the way’ for the returning Elephants and other wildlife north of the Milgis lugga into the Ndotos, on to Mt Nyiru and eventually  to Mt Kulal..

1. Daktari comes across an elephant in Arsim!

This friendly elephant in Arsim came to check on what the vet unit were up to.. Lpajas looking abit surprised


1. Awareness in schools

This painting is on the wall at the Milgis School..


1. live and drink in harmony the Elephants are friendly!

Elephants and goats all drinking at the same time from a dam! This sign will be in Mpagas

1. Milgis message.. Harmony Wildlife and human living together

The Milgis message ..

1. Don't kill, make friends with them they are useful!

This sign post is at Sidai.. don’t kill elephants.. and showing some of the advantages of elephants .. education, rangers get employment, they make pan dams and tourism!! and while your at it.. Don’t burn or cut trees!


MT KULAL March 16….. Milgis and KWS did a joint trip up to mt Kulal to warn the people that the Elephants are on their way back… It was very successfull trip and the prospect was welcomed by all.. this is after over 40 years on absence of elephants due to the rampant poaching that happened in the 1970s,80s and 90s.. ..

Eco sceen

They showed films and talked to as many people as possible..

Milgis Eco-screen

Everyone was very enthusiastic about the films we showed

Other Activities in the Milgis… rabies campaign, Family planning, fires, searching for underground water.. and its raining its pouring.. The luggas are flowing!


As we’ve said before one can not talk about conservation with out seeing to the needs of the people you are talking to, so Milgis continues with our many projects … our Rabies campaign being a huge success.. We have injected over 800 dogs already this year… Not just rabies, but we deworm and see to the health of the dogs.. and any other of their animals of course!..   For us in the western world we don’t really realise how lucky we are to live with out the threat of rabies every day with in our homes… We heard of a man who died of this terrible disease the other day, and its unnecessary to die in such a terrible way for people or animals.. .. People are scared and as soon as the dog looks a little down they start imagining its rabies and so it becomes an out caste.. the dog is a vital part of manyatta life, including warning of predators at night and of course going out to and protecting the herds in the day.. Lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs and hyenas have all bred up incredibly and we need to help the communities to live peacefully with these animals..

3. Rabies campaign

Injecting as many dogs as possible to avert the rabies threat..


We find the communities really respond positively to this rabies campaign and come from miles with their dogs..


3.rabies certificates for the dogs

writing certificates for each dog for the records

4. A Fp in Loisike

To me theres no conservation unless family planning is a major part of the programme, and heres Mary out every week talking and telling as many people as possible why!!

Mary's table of 'tricks'.. she is mostly involved in the bracelets, necklaces and rulers, which work around the menstral cycle..

Mary’s table of ‘tricks’.. she is mostly involved in the bracelets, necklaces and rulers, which work around the menstral cycle..


4. FP at a school in Kulal

Rulers are handed out to the school girls in Gatab on Mt Kulal.. The teachers were very enthusiastic about the programme and very helpfull..

4. School girls with FP bracelets

A secondary school meeting at Lkanto, and great to see the girls wearing their bracelets..

4. teaching girls at milgis sChool FP

Mary helps Rita on all her mobile clinic outings and here she lucky to get someFP customers at the Milgis School!

As David Attenborough quoted ” either we do something about our population or nature will do it for us… ”  We all agree with him on this and we are working hard to spread the word.. sadly I’m not sure our leaders are doing any thing about it at all.. can’t understand why they don’t..

Sadly mean while this last season some big fires on the Laana Nikan.. why???  it beats me but we continue to try solve the problem..


5. still burning laana Nikan

fire destruction.. It just does not make sense why burn your back yard??

5.Burning on the Laana nikan

laana nikan Lugga.. big areas were burn’t again??

























We are excited to say that VOSS foundations next water project will be in a place called Mpang on the edge of the kaisut desert north of Korr…Here’s Andre water divining and its looking good for a great bore hole..

6. water divining in Arsim area 6.Nditaye who had her leg amputated










These two ladies are as we speak being treated .. Nditaye sadly had her foot amputated  because of Madura foot, but she is in kijabe hopefully being fitted as we speak!

And this lady from Mpagas .. with no where to turn came to ask for help..



6. Woman with horrible growth with no where to turn











and to end a couple of photos of other things.. this incredible flower !..


7. persian carpet!


8. real rains up the Parsaloi

huge storm up the Parsaloi Lugga..

8. The rains are here

there has been a huge amount of rain east of the mountains!.. Ndoto’s and Lenkiyou, and out in the Kaisut desert..

8.The milgis is as beautifull as ever!

Just to finish off this beautiful picture of down the mighty Milgis Lugga!

WE HAVE HAD FANTASTIC RAINS AGAIN… very late, and we were all worried!!  Heres a couple of pictures of dramatic storms all round us at lkanto!


2 thoughts on “Will we see elephants on Mt Kulal soon?!!

  1. Another wonderful report….thanks, Helen! I’ll be coming to Kenya 31 May for 6 weeks….would be great to see you but you’ll probably be very busy, as usual. Love to hear about Human-Wildlife Harmony instead of Conflict. Thank you for all you do for wildlife, people in that beautiful land! Love, Katherine

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