We are still here!.. LOOOONG TIME..

YES…  it is what you think it is… Its a young Elephant that drowned in this well… It fell in head first and nothing to do.. he was gone probably quite quick!!  Abit shocking but its the reality of drought.. Times are hard and this isn’t the only sad image we’ve seen…


an awfally sad ending for this little elephant that was probably having fun , untill he slipped in head first into a well.. 

P1000078We’ve been out on safari since the beginning of December, and are watching as things unfiold around us as the drought tightens its grip.. tough times but nature is amazing and does have an extraordinary magic way of keeping things going…  a few casualties but … not too bad..

in the mean time we are trying our best to not let that happen again!! Heres a small herd of elephants coming in to drink out of some wells in the side of the lugga.. Look at the risks they are taking for a drink.. Frightening stuff.. but they insist on drinking out of these wells..

SUNP0751SUNP0771SUNP0774SUNP0781Dangerous wellsSUNP0876SUNP0899SUNP0988SUNP1006

After watching these pictures of this herd of Elephants drinking, we decided to dig over 20 wild life friendly wells,  up and down the big luggas.. scary stuff.. look that eley balancing on his back legs trying get to the water..



this is hard work.. It took this lot on a very hot afternoon 2 hours to dig a good enough well so that all animals can drink safely.. And each day they come back and dig more!!.. All along the Milgis and Laana NIikan, Urra and Kigwar we have people digging daily to help them out!.. Of course … each day the Elephants have a party down in their wells, and totally destroy them!!


this is quite stressful watching this babe asking mum for water.. Then trying for himeself!! no way can he get to the water himself.. But I think these babes actually get saved by this next picture!! Quite alot of water pours out of their mouths and lands in their footsteps so the young ones can drink!!


then after his drink this big boy had a good rub!


then back for a drop more water!!

As i’ve always said if you don’t see blogs written by me it means I’m busy in the field where we are lucky enough NOT to have network!!! any way I just want you all to know we are trying our best to keep every thing going.. people, animals and we all pray for rain.. soonest.. News this evening is there have been a few showers around..


8 thoughts on “We are still here!.. LOOOONG TIME..

    • Hey Mark, somebody told me I could reply here!!! after all these years… Yes, you are right, I don’t know how many years ago that was but we had to do all our filming of Elephants in the middle of the night!! As you can see now the Elephants are coming out in the day time to drink… Isn’t that unbelievable!! can’t wait to show you guys .. its all happening here.. Hows the Elephant movie going??

    • Catman, shocking, but at least its only one.. When you see those guys drinking just a little nudge from one of the waiting elephants and hes in… BUT one thing we learnt when doing the movie for Human planet with Mark all those years ago, was that elephants are very patient and polite when it comes to drinking, and NO pushing and shoving!.. and in those days they had to wait for the night to come because they were nervous, and now really thirsty.. ..

  1. Fantastic work you guys are doing! I hope it rains soon for the sake of wildlife and livestock. Seeing those picturres of the ele’s drinking reminded me of the wells where we filmed them at night for ‘Human Planet’ and where the serval went swimming the next day – good memories!

  2. Wow , Helen!
    Shame about that poor Elephant, we’re all praying for you that this drought ends soon…causing so much trouble.
    want to get in touch with you re walking….will try all your emails and hope will get through as think some are old addresses.
    love to you both….. & a big Jambo Sana to all the guys
    Sophie and Andrew BB

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