Claire GO, GO, GO.. The ‘Milgis’ is with you all the way!

Good day from Bamako!

You are receiving this email, which comes with an opportunity to do something extraordinary.

See details in the following website:

I have been training for the Marathon des Sables for a year and will fly to Ouarzazate to start the race next week, on the 7th of April.

It’s been blood (navigating through thorny bushes at night while climbing hills to try and get network reception), sweat (3 hour training runs in 45C heat) and tears (when the server packed up this week just as we finished the website) preparing for the world’s toughest foot race; the Marathon des Sables.

250km through the heart of the Sahara Desert in Morocco:

Come see why I’m doing this and take part in this great adventure!

Share your Baraka!


CLAIRE < THANK YOU> … What more can we say.. BUT GOOD LUCK.. from us all over here… 

Milgis message.. Harmony Wildlife and human living together

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