Natures way.. Cruel is kind! but RAIN finally!!

Droughts are sent to try us and this one sure did.. In Northern Kenya basically it did not rain except the odd shower here and there for a whole year!.. thats a long time when its hot, windy and dry!..  Its an amazing thing, as the night before the rain came, 29th April we were all stressed and up tight, worried, and tired, as these first few pictures show..   The situation was dire.. BUT Then the rain came and after a few days we all start asking our self what was that stress all about!!

I find myself saying..  AGAIN.. Life is WATER-WATER is life!…

This was the state of affaires not long back.. This is all thats left for the cat fish to live in, this horrible smelly muddy water, all slithering and sliding against each other trying to get down to cooler water to survive..

not long after the mud dries and this elephant nearly got himself into trouble .. he sunk in 2 feet luckily and got out but so dangerous..

2.Elephant tracks that same place a few days later

Elephants looking for water a couple of weeks later in the same place as we saw the catfish wriggling in the hot muddy water.. 

Regular dust storms coming through the gap between the mountains, giving us hope as they should be followed by rain…  But each time nothing !..

A dust storm coming up the Milgis!!

amazing these dust storms.. 

In Noongek the wells were so low that one cow could get a drink per hour.. There were about 6 wells. all around 10/15 feet deep. the alternative was to go to where those Elephants were drinking down in the Milgis lugga ( in my blog of last month) 20 kms away.. The cows are already tired and hungry, so some just couldn’t go

deep wells with just a smijling of water coming in every hour

The cattle are living off these amazingly nutritious bulbs that the warriors are going miles to find..

or people are climbing trees to cut leaves, for there cows and goats.. The songs to their animals are so amazing, that they forget its a drought!

5. desperate measures to get fodder for cows

This girl impressed us highly by climbing high into this Kigelia Africana.. a 40 foot tree to cut leaves for her cows.. not only that but she sang the most beautiful song calling the cows to ‘eat up’! while ‘dancing like a fairy’ from branch to branch right up to the top of the tree!! We all forgot the desperate situation as this beauty ‘queen’ gave us a fabulous show!

Every where you look theres a fair share of dead animals.. Cows , goats and so sad one of our klipspringers who was our neibour on the hill who we tried to give hay to.. He wasn’t having it! the drought got him in the end


10 sand in the luggas shaped by the wind

The constant wind shaping the sand banks into unusual shapes.. 

Then one day we have this on our horizon!!!.. RAIN!!..

On Lkanto hill we had 2 inches of nice gentle rain in the first night.. 29th April!.. More than we usually have in a year!!

14. proper positive build up

Towards the Kirisia hills, thats proper rain!


15 a build up over Lenkiyou

Towards the Lenkiyou range

16 and rain

the same view.. Lenkiyou not long after!

18 water down the Parsaloui lugga

and here comes the water!!! the parsaloi.. 

19. water down the Milgis

And down into the mighty Milgis lugga

And widespread gentle rain all over for a few days!!

11. then suddenly it all changes!

Not often you see the milgis like this!! cold, calm, quiet, and drizzeling.. 

12. 2 inches of rain in one night.. unheard of!

The Ndoto Mountains!!

Each morning we rise and shine to see positive signs of plenty of rain.. Of course the first week after the start of the rains is tough.. Many more animals will die of cold BUT THE GRASS IS GROWING!!

23. more rain on its way

Then floods further down stream on the lower Milgis.. 19.1 Lower Milgis broke its banks

and a car washed off the road downstream.. They rescued every one with ropes!19.2 Vehicle got washed down


A positive feeling came from being surrounded by Pyramids!, which always come out strong in the rainy season.. Above, Mt Kenya 150 kms away from the Milgis.. look at the snow!

Pyramid hills in the lower lenkiyou slopes, Matthews peak in the rain and Upe in the Ndotos!

AND with in a few days ALL IS FORGOTTEN.. What was all the stress about??  

                              Another ecstatic morning on the Milgis!!

22. a beautiful sunriseJPG

                                      HAPPY DAYS ARE WITH US AGAIN!!!! 



then a visit from this BEAUTIFUL little individual,  to show us he/she and his/her mother survived!!P1000823

AND Finally ..To end this harsh ‘beginning of a story going into happiness’ blog.. have a look at this lovely sequence of pictures of a beautiful old elephant having a ‘kip’… We all began to worry that his ‘kip’ was going on for too long BUT then his mate arrived and walked down close to him… stopped for a few moments before he wondered on to browse just along the way..

28. stopped to ask if hes ok



and …  Off he goes!

Stay safe my friend…

4 thoughts on “Natures way.. Cruel is kind! but RAIN finally!!

  1. LOVE your photo journal, dearest Helen ! I feel I am there! Stunning pics.
    What a HUGE relief that you have all at last been rewarded for your patience with some proper rain and the wildlife and the Samburus can now sing and play.
    will be in touch soon.
    xxx sophie and andrew

  2. Tempers are better (humans and animals) countryside is beautiful again – I always think I will never make it through another drought – somehow we do, and it is worth it! It looks so stunningly beautiful where you are now – long may it last!

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