Magical Upe .. the pyramid peak of Ndoto’s..

The incredible, steep,  strikingly dramatic and beautiful Ndoto Mountains!! this time I focus on Upe the second highest peak, which I climbed with some of the family this month!..   Every year, we as a family, try to climb a special mountain or rock to remember Simon.. LAST YEAR OUR DESTINATION WAS THE INCREDIBLE ROCK […]

CAPTURED!!! on camera… the mighty king of the jungle!

When I first set foot in the MILGIS LUGGA, the huge dry river that divides the Ndoto and Lenkiyou mountain ranges, it captured me.. It was 1990… I was mesmerised by its wildness, its beauty, the danger, the grandness of this huge sandy lugga!! One of the dangers was the wirey, almost grey lanky lions, […]