CAPTURED!!! on camera… the mighty king of the jungle!

When I first set foot in the MILGIS LUGGA, the huge dry river that divides the Ndoto and Lenkiyou mountain ranges, it captured me.. It was 1990… I was mesmerised by its wildness, its beauty, the danger, the grandness of this huge sandy lugga!!

Milgis and Ndotos

The huge 1 km wide Milgis lugga with the Ndoto mountains behind, Motio where the huge one km lugga squeases into a couple of hundred meters and goes through a small water fall…

a special evening looking down the from lkanto hill at the start of the Milgis Lugga

the Milgis lugga is wild and sometimes very windy!!

Or calm!!

Or full raging flood!!

One of the dangers was the wirey, almost grey lanky lions, who had no fear, and wondered day and night !!, one saw them often, even taking one of my camels mid day!! and any other animals that walked the sand!.. BUT something terrible happened and they were completely wiped out by poison.. encouraged and handed to the locals, from the out side world.. The people living here did the terrible deed, not realising that one of the most important animals in their culture was about to disappear.. They can not conduct any of their ceremonies/weddings with out a piece of lion skin, from a lion that has been killed for killing many cows, attached to their legs. ( see picture further down)


We have had the cameras out for about 5/6 years and finally captured!! the king of the jungle DOES exist


Same guy further on..



And then what a beautiful surprise … Mum and babe!

Then finally in June we were so excited to finally see his face!!


and finally we caught our big boy !!! and he’s beautiful!.. Still cautious though !!


but was brave enough to pass the camera and show himself properly!

We have been seeing their tracks maybe starting about 6 years ago and hearing the odd one roar more lately, but they came absolutely no where near the camera!! untill finally captured the 3 in March this year!! We are excited and happy that the Samburu can still live together with these majestic animals!..

You see how the lion skin is attached to this warriors legs.. This was the lmuget in 2006 ..

Others that have come to say hello on the camera..


Another beauty


What a fine cat… and looking so well..


Another elusive friend..Honey Badger..  Always going at high speed, and soooo rare to see but on safari the other day we met a mother and two young and we got chased good and proper by one of the young.. incredible beast!! brave and firery!!


Our beautiful Elephants continue to thrive and produce babes!.. and also try their best to destroy our cameras.. two totally destroyed and others played with!!..


MY always inquisitive friends


This most impressive animal.. I love them.. luckily there are plenty and its a pleasure to see them..



A desert warthog trundeling along past the camera.. note the top of the ears and the drooping warts.. classic ‘desert’..


This amazingly beautiful animal is so ELUSIVE that the Samburu dont even have a name for , but they are plenty here..


5 thoughts on “CAPTURED!!! on camera… the mighty king of the jungle!

  1. Oh wow Helen! How great to see the fab photos!
    And EXCITING to catch the handsome lion on camera….. and family!
    Keep up the great work, you and your team are the best !

  2. WOW! That is amazing. How exciting to see the wildlife coming back like this. Keep up your wonderful work. Thank you for sharing this – I always look forward to news from your area, and remember my trip with you with so well.

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