A year in the Milgis… April 17 to April 18..

Hello from a very green Milgis… We have had the best rains out and theres not a single person, animal, plant, reptile or insect that is not happy out there …  I only have one photograph so far… We are grounded!!!!  I’m sure there’ll be many to show you of  how beautiful it is out there.. fitingly, because they are so rare now,  it is with greveys zebras on the El Barta plains.. 

Snow in northern kenya..

sadly theres been some massive flooding as well, two huge land slides in the Ndoto mountains bringing destruction and death to trees, people, livestock and many wild animals.. 100 of baboons and monkeys, over 25 greater and lesser kudus, leopards, hyenas, dikdiks and an unimaginable amount of reptiles, insects … Oh well!!

Here below with I’m afraid rather a big PDF file, but full of news from the Milgis of all the happenings of last year… ENJOY!

Milgis Update April 2017-April 2018 final

A huge amount of thanks to every one who supports the Milgis! We have some wonderful new sponsors this year … We are incredibly grateful to every one..

Apologies once again for the total lack of Blogs.. this year did not start so well for me personally as my dear mother Shirlie was not well and finally she has joined Simon, my brother where ever ‘the departed’ go???? The fish eagles have been calling and calling and flying all around with joy!! I’m imagining Simon greeting her some how and showing her the way!..as she always related Simon to a fish eagle after he died.. Anyway at least it makes us all feel better!??


Born in 1932 she lived through an amazing era in Kenyas history,

Our home in the 60and 70’s in Molo

and ended her days on this beautiful Island in Lake Baringo.. She had a lovely simple home close to nature..

Shirlie at baringo about 20 years ago, with her beloved dog.. All this area is flooded now… as youll see in the pictures below!

Shirlie loved being on safari!.. pushing her up a sand bank.. Pete and I and Tania behind in the Milgis..


Shirlie, Cassiapeia(Simons daughter) and Carolyn at Baringo

On a camel safari with Tania and her daughter Dina

lake Baringo…


Beautiful lake Baringo.. my mother lived on the little Island there..

But in 2003 there was a terrible drought, times were bad and there was no food for the crocodiles and she was badly mauled by one.. it was tough times, but once recovered she returned to live a beautiful life on  her island … BUT then the lake rose 40 feet over ten years and this is her bedroom on her last night in it.. Suddenly the door burst open and there was a huge wave headiing for her bed!!

floods about 5 years ago.. her bedroom!

one month later flooded out completly!! We had to build her a nice crocodile, snake proof room higher on the island !.. 

The boat in her sitting room!! as well as her bedroom she lost all her guest rooms !!


I’m going to leave you with some beautiful images of daily life on her island!! Shirlies love of life was all creatures great and small.. after the croc attack she enjoyed 15 more great years!

her favorite goliath heron

Her neibour

another neibour


A stormy afternoon!

African darter

Another stormy afternoon..


‘Loiboseder’ the Rock that shines golden in the sunset! we call this island Gibralter

This place is so beautiful

Another storm

Life on a lake.. often its stormy and every thing is wet in the house!

Hundreds.. even thousands of birds come to Shirlies Island every day!

patient neibour

Dawn from shirlies revamped bed room a few years later.. the lake went down 12 feet and we could use her room again.. 


The neibours!! kingfisher at dawn


5 thoughts on “A year in the Milgis… April 17 to April 18..

  1. What a beautiful and heartfelt Post. So sorry to hear about the loss of so much game dure to the flooding. Shirley was such a very special lady and we were proud to call her our friend. What an amazing life she led, always so gentle and kind and never complaining.xxx Sue

  2. Thanks, Helen, for that wonderful tribute to your incredible “mum”. I see where you got your own magnificent love of Nature and adventure. Sorry for you loss….and also the landslides that were so damaging but still the rains are also life-giving. Like the Hindu god Shiva, Nature can be at turns…both Creator and Destroyer! Lots of love to you and Pete. Katherine

  3. Helen, such a lovely tribute to a very, very special person. I think you and she really connected on the beauty of Mother Earth. Shirlie did live through such an interesting time and took it all in her stride, the good and bad. She seemed unflappable yet always game for whatever was on. I feel so lucky to have known her and love to think of her with Simon and Paddy and Phil!

  4. Helen – I am so sorry to hear about your Mum. I am glad I met her when I was with you. She was a truly remarkable person and I enjoyed listening to her stories so much. Thank you for a very interesting blog. things are certainly happening there, and the rains have made the place look wonderful. It’s so heartwarming to hear how many animals there are now, and with luck, and care they will continue to increase. The photos brought back wonderful memories of our safari with you – I would still love to do another!!! Take care and keep smiling.

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