Northern kenya is transformed!

Just wanted you all to know that we are still with you!! The rains have been extraordinary!!.. Its a miracle really!! I dont have too many words to describe how absolutely BEAUTIFUL it is up in Northern kenya!!


Dawn in the Milgis Lugga just before it started raining!.. 

A few days later the Milgis Lugga in flood.. Its been incredible in the true sense of the word!

Some before and after pics..

October 2017.. on one of the ridges on the north end of the Ndotos

Same place June 2018.. just picture taken opposite direction!..

October 2017 and June 2018.. Same place.. Before and After!

October 17.. North of the Ndoto mountains.. on safari

june 18 on safari just the other day… 

just a few more pics to remind ourselves how dry it was !!

Walking in the Latakwen area in February!

In the Lenkiyou ( matthews) range

a picture of the Milgis lugga near a place called Motio.. huge winds and sand storms

walking up the Milgis. eating sand as we go!!


Then the moment we are waiting for … Venus finally shows herself.. We all know this will be the start of the rains!!


Soon after abit more cloud and a couple of exciting rainbows

then its for real Mt kenya taken from Lkanto hill.. Its 110 nautical miles away!!! Now thats a very very good sign!

Looking towards the Lenkiyou (matthews) range its looking really exciting!!

The Seiya Lugga.. comes from the kirisia hills and Lenkiyou..

lenkiyou in the cloud

another storm another evening.. look at the sun just catching the hill in the middle!


before the rains up the Parsaloi lugga!

Rain comes

AND here comes the first big flood!


all around the rains gain momentum!


rain from all round.. this is coming in from the Kaisut desert

Looking towards the north from Lkanto hill.. This is serious rain!

BINGO!!!!! FINALLY WATER in the lugga!!


the Milgis is flowing again.. its such a huge lugga it doesnt look alot of water BUT

looking closer its huge! 


A few hours later a group of people absolutely essential to a wedding on the other side of the lugga arrives and we watch as they struggle to cross!

a party on their way to a wedding!! 2 cows, 3 sheep 7 warriors and a motor bike covered in all the food for the wedding arriving at the flooded Milgis!!

Finally every thing taken across and now a concerted effort to get the motor bike across!!

Then heres some results of this incredible rain!!! Taken on our last safari .. From lkanto to Ngurnit via the north end of the Ndotos!!

Abutilon Flowers and Poi


In the desert east of Ndotos.. see poi in the distance

Coming through the Seren valley

a huge new wash away in the north end of the Ndotos

Looking towards Mt Nyiru

and just to finish off with a few nice phots !!.. ALL TAKEN FROM OUR HOME ON THE HILL!..


Layers.. starting with AMAZING LODERMURT!

Lodermurt on fire!!… It is the rock that we look down on towards the kaisut desert.. 60 nautical miles away!!


beginning  June 18.. Sun moving slowly but surely north.. Incredible to have these sunrises.. Its so rare!..

the Egyption geese are happy!



3 thoughts on “Northern kenya is transformed!

  1. Wow! What a wonderful sight. A lugga full of water.

    My heart still aches to return.

    Very upset to learn that in the last eight years the Chinese have reduced the donkey herds in Kenya by ONE THIRD! What can we do? When I visited it was the first time in my life I had seen herds of donkeys. Awesome sight. The Chines use their skins for the promotion of health. Ignorance is resposible for some of the worst atrocities.

  2. WOW, WOW, WOW!! What stunning photos. I so wish I could come back. It looks absolutely glorious. Thank you for posting the pics. x

  3. Dearest Helen
    Those are truly award winning photographs, some of the mountain and skyscapes are beyond belief!!!! And the Lugga in full flood, yippee!
    I really can’t wait to organise another trip.
    Fantastic to see the contrast before and after the rains… such glorious awe inspiring beauty, thanks for posting them.
    Miss you all, à bientôt xxxx Sophie and Andrew

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