Happy 2020 from US ALL in the Milgis!

a beautiful crossing.. this picture taken on our way back from Ngurnit after a fabulous 3 week safari with the camels.. Milgis Lugga in flood and these beauty’s taking it all in their stride!

Happy, HAPPY days from all of us up on the ‘ Milgis ‘ … and it really is paradise at the moment.. the sense of peace, calm and complete relaxation reigns over our land!.. thanks to the marvelous rains!

this was a fabulous veiw on the Milgis Lugga on christmas eve.. we fondly call the tall hill on the right Andrews hill, because Andrew BB once offered to climb it with Pete, for fun..Pete told him it was a short cut!!! mmmmmm he was sweating when he got to the bottom!

We had a wonderful christmas out there with the camels.. I hope YOU are all jealous!!

our christmas eve.. surrounded by camels, dogs and happy Samburu’s!

Always a smile on their faces.. both Camels and warriors!!

BUT !!!… Actually I am sitting on a couch in Cape Town, having had a hip operation, feeling sorry for myself!..

So Im dreaming of home just looking at these photos of our last safari.. A hornbill in his domain..

We circumnavigated the FABULOUS Ndoto Mountains…

Milgis Lugga with the Ndoto mountains behind

Starting with FULL moon!..  We also had hot, hot sunshine,

just imagine how heavy this cloud is??!! Full of rain..

pouring rain, ‘freezing’  winds, (for me any way!),  LOTS of incredible grass and flowers to walk through.. and all the rest that a three week walk in northern Kenya gives!!

Crystal clear moon for us!

We had the most UNBELIEVABLE fullmoon near to the beginning of the trip, which escorted us each day giving us light so we could be up bright and early every morning!!

Just unbelievably beautiful .. Thanks to the RAINS!! It reminds us .. no rain no life!

Billions of Heliotropium

North/west Ndotos

North/East Ndotos

A lovely pass on our way towards Poi..

East Ndoto.. Below this most incredible rock.. POI, PoI, pOi!!! thought this place was overgrazed and finished!.. look what the rain brought..

We walked past some of our fabulous dams that are now ALL full to the brim with water.. Wild life and communities all enjoying the luxury.. The Milgis is proud to say we have now stepped over the 50 dam mark.. Thanks to our wonderful friends in Portugal.. WE ARE INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL!!

North/East of the Ndotos walking past Kurante dam

Kurante dam full to the brim

Kurante dam in dryer times!!

Poi reflected in the Siangaan dam

Dawn on Siangaan dam

Healthy happy cows having a ‘holiday’!

SO much to show you .. So I’ll leave you with a whole lot of photos of the fruits of the best rains ever!!!! Sorry lots of the different grasses

tracks in the sand ALL over.. showing that our elusive friends are EVERY WHERE!






These grasses are all over our hill

‘wheat field’ on the hill..

the colours!!.. red ones.. Grasses are sooooo cool..

white grass

I’m not an expert on grasses so don’t ask me what they are!


watch out for this one.. it has clever ways of catching any thing going past to reseed itself!

SO here we are.. Happy times.. Lots of burrs and grass seed in our socks as well! .. KEEP SMILING!!

2 thoughts on “Happy 2020 from US ALL in the Milgis!

  1. Such wonderful pictures! It’s fabulous to ride the roller coaster of drought to abundant water year after year! Your life couldn’t be more different from this urban girl’s but I love the way you take me back to beautiful Kenya and out me there again!

  2. Another lovely blog, full of life and good news, and the most incredible pictures. How Willie would have loved to have been on that trip with you, he just loved the North.
    Heres wishing you all the very best for 2020, am sure it will be a wonderful year. xxx

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