Boma art and natures sculptures..

Northern kenya is full of dramatique scenery and free loving people, and wildlife..  Imagine life with NO FENCES and freedom in all directions!!..  To me and all of us in the ‘Milgis’, we all believe in this..

This is a short blog just to say all is good, peaceful and every one, and thing HAPPY. My hip is nearly better and I’m ready to climb all the way to the top SOON!!

DREAMING, DREAMING of standing on the top again..

The peaks of the Ndotos.. serene and dramatique!

Nature makes amazing creations.. Heres a few we drive or walk past on our safaris..

Cat and mouse

My favorite..  Ngurnit baby elephant!

a bird of prey spreading its wings while landing on some thing to eat.. 

The ‘Elephant’ emerging out of the great rock ‘Poi’, you see his trunk laid along the ground..

the queen her self

Lonyore Pesho elephant

A wild dog or is it Uni..

Uni( three in Maa ) our sweet little girl who only has 3 useful legs, but goes on all our safaris!.. If she had a bit more hair on her head it would be a perfect like!

The Rendille and Samburu don’t realise their brilliant floral art they are creating when they are on the move and under stress.. These are bomas temporary dwelling quarters for human and their livestock.. These are taken during the day when the inhabitants are all out looking for pasture, or in some cases they have moved on..

bomas.. 1 you see the outer layer to stop the carnivores, inner circles for the young ones..

bomas 2

bomas 3

bomas 4

bomas 5

Larora BariNyiru

Larora Ilgwe Eldome

This is what bomas are for.. Keeping their animals contained at night and safe from the carnivores!!.. 

Talking of carnivores I was informed on the radio last night that we have four lion cubs below our hill.. Thats incredible!! considering lions were all gone.. pictures hopefully in the next blog!!.. Well done the community we are very proud of them!. NOT EASY TO LIVE WITH LIONS.

PEACE is the ultimate dream for us all..

The creative and supportive girls in Latakwen!! PEACE brings PEOPLE AND ANIMALS TOGETHER!



One thought on “Boma art and natures sculptures..

  1. What a lovely post, with remarkable photos. I love the rock shapes (so many ellies!)
    How amazing to have lions and FOUR cubs. So precious, as is all wildlife.
    Hope you get to the top very soon. Wish I was there!!! XX

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