POI…. This extraordinary rock, and a safe home for vultures!..

Poi is the massive rock that juts out of the east side of the Ndoto mountains..  It is just the most eye catching rock, about 5000 feet strait out from the surrounding country…..  Its rock faces are home to many creatures, but probably most exciting is Ruppel’s Griffon Vultures have a fabulous safe place to live and breed with out being disturbed, people from the area take their cattle up there to save their lives, and its an amazing climb.. In fact its just an extraordinary place however you look at it..

For 30 years I’ve been walking past Poi, and I just thought these pictures would be fun for you to browse through !!

As one comes over the hill and this amazing rock shows itself .. one is speechless!..

Poi taken from Lechet.. North

extraordinary sight… Which ever way you first see this rock the sight will stay with you forever!

From the South in the Siangaan valley

Taken from far out in the Kaisut desert


Sunrise… Poi catching the early light

from south east

from below Ilaut, on the lugga

from the east.. sunset

A beautiful walk or climb!!??

Some crazy people choose to climb it strait up the face.. note the moon!

The walk up, and it is still impressive enough!

There she is.. and thats where we are going to climb ! We’ve already been walking for 4 hours before we got here!

don’t tell me we are climbing that!???

YES.. AND Here we are half way up!

The people who live below bring their cattle up here during the droughts… Its truely impressive.. The cows have to walk all the way down to the bottom every 5 or 6 days for water!

 here we are rather speechless that people bring their cattle up!!

the resident community built some steps for their cows

steps for the cows

a kind of ladder for the cows over the steep bits

on our way!.. The people who live below know what a falling cow sounds like.. It happens now and then.. poor things!

a little rest in a cave

and finally we break to the top.. AND LOOK AT THE GRASS!

heading to the view!

the happy team and what a view!

Some of the views from the top!

Towards the south..  Aldera

little Poi

towards the west

Heading back down, and our shadows on the cloud.. Funny it made a sort of rainbow!

From which ever angle you see this rock its still eye catching !


from the desert

From the top of the Matthews

Dawn, Ilirre pass

From Suruan

Dawn from Suruan

from Upe… the top of the Ndotos

covered by clouds

from above Siangaan pass.. you see Mt Marsbit behind

from the southern Ndotos

And one of the most exciting things is its home to hundreds of Ruppell’s Griffon vultures..


vultures heading off for the day.. this was the first time I saw them!.. I could not believe my eyes!

Several hundreds of Vultures have there nests here

Vulture nests

More Vulture nests

gaining height and heading off to look for food..

finally on their way

I leave you with many more beautiful pics of Poi

from the Kaisut desert.. the Ndotos and on the left Poi.. 

Sun rise over Poi from north Ndotos.. Mussei

From Soito Orok near Ngurnit

sunset rays catching Poi..

Taken from the east of the Lenkiyou range

From Mt Nyiru

From the north.. Lkirre pass

our last safari over a new pass into Lechet

walking down the road to Ngurnit!

From Lekwe

from Mount Nyiru



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