The last year in a nutshell..

Here with our news of the last year in the Milgis… I hope you enjoy reading through this nicely put together newsletter, by our enthusiastic ‘Digs’…. Click below!

Another start to the day on the Milgis Lugga

Just in case you are like me, and your computer wont open the above try this PDF below!!

A year in the Milgis

We are all surviving these strange times…  I haven’t gone crazy, but just wanted to share with you these amazing pictures of a star!.. Sitting out on the top of the hill, evening in, evening out watching the stars twinkling in the clear early night sky, I thought i would try to take a picture !!.. Look what I got.. Just amazing colours!

I tried to take this photo of this amazing star, Arcturus, that was twinkling and i could not hold the camera still .. Look what came out!!

another attempt at getting the same star.. !!

BUT just to show you I haven’t gone totally loopie heres a nice pic of the southern cross!! Still struggeling to hold the camera still but it seems to have given another nice affect..


What is amazing is seeing the incredible different colours each star is..

Please sit back and check out the news letter.. it sums up what ‘Milgis’ is doing, and the last year in a nutshell, really nicely…

and keep smiling!!


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