These giraffe need our help…

These Giraffes survive these tough conditions, where for months there is no water, and are thriving BUT our team found some dangerous signs that they could be in trouble…  ..

In September our team went up to a remote place in the desert to check on the situation there… somebody told us the giraffe were in trouble… and they could be right… we need to help them out…

This place is just full of wildlife… BUT the giraffe are nervous suddenly.. There are motor bike tracks infiltrating the area and we think they are poaching for meat..

THIS HAS TO STOP NOW… Although this place is further north of our area of coverage, (Although Milgis has no borders as we migrate with the pastoralists, and the wildlife ).. ‘ the giraffe’ are in big trouble in the world and we can’t put our blinkers on pretending its not happening or its NOT our responsibility..

Nervous.. its not fair

this photo above takes me back to when I first arrived in the Milgis to find the Elephants on the run.. Never a moment of peace… and always looking over their shoulders in case of trouble…  I am so happy to say this is NOT the case now and the elephants live in peace.. SO THE GIRAFFE NEED THE SAME PROTECTION!!

some of our Milgis team on patrol..

A well earned rest… .

Hot and thirsty country, and these animals are surviving with NO water!! its incredible… cheetah are also plentiful..

Grants are plenty

Oryx seemed more relaxed

Plenty of oryx and other game..

Our scout in the desert, nick name ‘Korole’ insisted that the team from Milgis met the Gabra people who were just north of this amazing wildlife ‘sanctuary’ … It was a very friendly meeting..

A meeting with the Gabra people was friendly and hopeful

the team met them watering their goats further north… Our Kargi scout wants to make friends with them… Good work.. I say!..

We will be making regular trips up to this beautiful remote area to make sure the giraffe are safe and if things don’t improve we will leave a team, to work with KWS to catch the culprits.. If any one would like to support this small extension of our work, we would be very grateful..

One thought on “These giraffe need our help…

  1. Dear Helen
    I will send Tusk £10,000 on Monday asking them to forward it to the Milgis Trust minus whatever small fraction they normally retain. For the anti poaching patrol, or whatever you judge most important.
    Hope you and Pete and your very extended family are well despite the sorry state of our world
    With warmest best wishes

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