ALL this in memory of ‘Lene Maria’!

Lene Maria lost her life on Utoyia Island about 11 years ago in the most terrible mass shooting imaginable.. She was just 18 and already putting her mind to helping others, and she started really showing interest in water issues in Northern Kenya.. The Bergum family in her memory started the ‘Lene Maria for clean water’ to follow through with her thinking, and to ease some of the hardships people endure in the land of the Samburu..

The family and many people in Norway have done incredible work to raise money to support this initiative.. Here we are 11 years later… 8 beautiful solar water projects and 1 well.. Patricia has a job! and many people have been helped through serious medical issues..

The people of Samburu are forever grateful for this, and its all because the Bergum family REALLY CARE!

The water projects are in these locations.. Ilgwe eldome, Matepis, Loikumukum, Masikita, Masikita Simiti, Nasiram well, Kasipo, Keleswa and finally Lugga Muran

July 2022, the Bergum family and some teachers from the Olav Duun school ( where Lene Maria attended) came on a special safari together to visit all the projects and see for themselves if its a success!.. and to talk about further work to continue!

The women of Matepes beconing the guests to come to see their water project!
The women lead the visitors in song

Matepes is a settlement on the west side of the Ndotos, and in the beginning they had two very deep and dangerous wells on the Matabauwa lugga.. As the water table goes down so do the wells, and in these sandy luggas the sides can collapse at any time or you can be caught down the well, when a flood comes.. both scenarios actually happened, so the elders and warriors of the community decided to dig a deep well on the more solid bank.. A huge undertaking but they were determined!..

One day on safari with the camels, months later, we were walking past where they were digging, and the elders were extremely enthusiastic, and showed us how it was going.. It was incredibly deep, all dug by hand .. while we were there they asked if we could help put some casing to save the well..

it was a good idea!..

In the end we put together a full water project for them, and here we are with the Lene Maria team to hand it over and to bless the well…

Muko, translating the good words the women are saying..
dressed up to the nines to celebrate with our visitors!

Finally the project we put into Lekeri was not being cared for so we decided to move the whole solar system to Matepis where they promised to look after it! And they sure are.. always in memory of Maria Annette and Lene Maria

Maria Annette surrounded by nature..
The blessing of the well..

From Matepes.. the Norwegians took a vehicle to Loikukukum, Masikita and Masikita Simiti.. They had a wonderful day witnessing the people coming in for water and enjoying some laughs and banter with the communities..

The next 3 days we walked with the camels over the pass into the valley of Kasipo.. a little bit of a holiday for our guests!

We took a short walk over the hills and watched as an elephant got muddled up in amongst two herds of goats and the camels walking up the lugga!!

elephant heading down to the thick lugga forest for the day only to find activity every where!
‘mmmmmm I think I’m surrounded’!?? He’s standing there checking out the situation..
So he decides to trumpet and run for the lugga where the camels were wondering up! all ended well!

Next over the Great Rock pass to Kasipo..

enjoying the view and the moment!
on the rock..


Back to work… Nasiram well blessing with the elders
Nasiram well..

After a wonderful blessing at the Kasipo borehole we jumped into the cars and headed round the mountains to Keleswa..

A new borehole at Keleswa, kindly drilled by the Samburu County..
We kindly ask our ‘Lene Maria for clean water’ friends to support a solar project for this borehole..

Our two teachers asked if they could visit a school .. so here we are in Keleswa school..

in the class room..
After nearly 40 years the elephants are back in Keleswa area, in great numbers..
As the communities go to collect water they walk past this message..
Elephants are friend’s … it says!.. it shows a few, (of the many) advantages of having them back!.. They shake the seed pods in the Acacia trees and then all other animals can enjoy eating them, they also spread the acacia seeds far and wide.. They love to bathe in the water holes, or dams so enlarging and sealing them for the next rains, and they make nice paths through the thick bush for all to use..

One of our Milgis Trust ‘dreams’ is to brighten the lives of the students in these rather mundane schools with these dynamic paintings with messages which also supports our conservation education program..
Please press the link below for more on this!!
Note the corrugated iron roof, in the midday sun must be incredibly hot..

final push for two days to Lugga Moran in the desert..

across the desert to the latest ‘Bergum’ project!!
the end of our journey.. It was JUST AMAZING to walk into this little spot..
These animals have come many many kms to drink water
Our last stop !!
The message is clear on the other side of the sign board.. Too many livestock does not make you rich!..

Patricia is a very lucky girl.. the Bergums met her in Masikita on thier first trip to Kenya as a young girl.. they have seen her through her full education and she now has a job..

Patricia and her mother at her graduation..

Milgis Trust along with all the Samburu and Rendille people benefitting, are very VERY grateful to all the students and teachers at the Olav Dunn school in Namsos..Norway

its amazing the enthuthiasm!!… The school is together and very motivated.. We gather that the students are working really hard to raise money in support of the projects… A huge array of activities have been arranged, for example some are collecting rubbish, some are fixing punctures, others are singing, theatre, and much much more! all in support for the Lene Maria North Kenya projects..

The notice board of the Olav Duun school calling for action!!

MAINTENANCE of these water projects is key to our work.. No point in putting a project and walking away!! … Which is sadly the norm in Northern Kenya..

Muko, busy replacing a pump..
Mermbers of the community always excited to help

Muko is now in charge of the maintenance of our water projects. He has a motor bike and travels from project to project fixing any problems..

New tap, we have to be very careful to make sure the donkeys, and even elephants can’t brake the stand pipes!
leaking pipes or joints

THANK YOU AGAIN and AGAIN from us all.. What you Bergums in memory of Lene Maria have done is incredible..

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