We don’t dare breath just in case it blows the rain away..

‘They’ all say its not going to rain… This is unfathomable, a completely unthinkable thought.. Every one and every thing is suffering.. Animals, wild and domestic and humans, the trees, bushes, the mountains, the deserts… every thing.. It should be pouring with rain by now BUT IT IS NOT!!???

Elephants are now dyeing in numbers…

Many many little ones.. the mothers just don’t have the milk
medium ones
big ones

They are all suffering ..

Desert warthogs.. so hungry and thirsty they are coming right close to the humans, looking for help.
and the cows are dyeing .. heart breaking scenes.. this was actually the result of tribal clashes , but look at the state of the cows.. they are finished..

Goats are dropping their babies and just walking away from the little crying mite.. People are trying anything they can to save the little ones.. I came across a man who had walked 30 kms carrying 3 brand new lambs to take them to his wife to see if they could save them with what he might be able to buy in the shop..

After 3 years of VERY VERY poor rainfall in Northern Kenya, things are REALLY BAD..

People are dyeing as well.. Droughts are sent to try us and this ‘TRIAL’ is FULL ON!!

Its difficult to think straight at the moment..


There is a MASSIVE “SHOUT OUT” FOR HELP to at least give the people a BOOST OF MORAL, to give them hope.. to give them strength to persevere.. Our friend Pankaj has risen up out of the blue again and is putting together food hampers for the people in Northern Kenya..

If any one out there would like to help.. SEE BELOW .. or contact me PLEASE

Milgis needs aprox 15000 hampers to distribute, if at all possible .. Thanks to some incredible donations from mostly Pankaj friends there are 3000 hampers ready to send tomorrow!.. The map below gives an idea of what we are hoping to do.. A huge undertaking !! BUT IMAGINE HOW THOSE GUYS OUT THERE ARE DOING?? They are very VERY hungry and thirsty.. We’ve done our best to help on the thirst side, now it would be incredible to help on the hunger side.. !!

Here is a preliminary map for the distribution that the Milgis hopes to help out with… These are the areas that we are happy to distribute in as we have a presence there.

The yellow markers are in Samburu County

The green markers are in Marsabit county

The red markers are just to show regional hubs, although we do not intend on distributing in towns because of the complications, alcohol and restlessness.

The people in the more remote areas are struggling the most, they are far from the shops and are trying to keep the livestock alive, many at their own detriment.. .

We are willing to do this.. Not only because the people need our help, but It gives us the opportunity to talk to the people and talk about the many issues… WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR WORLD.. ?? droughts, floods, over population, the importance of wildlife and importance of looking after the environment.. How we must all live together. Explain BIODIVERSITY… We have a new saying which is Milgis all over.. “LTAU OISHIWE LIKAI” (A heart that another heart depends on)…..

It will rain eventually… BUT WHEN… is the question.. The stress out there is serious… imagine watching your hard ‘earned’ livestock pop off one by one each day.. ITS REALLY REALLY HARD.. And even worse once the rains do come things for the first week will be even HARDER…

Crazy isn’t it..

2 thoughts on “We don’t dare breath just in case it blows the rain away..

  1. Heart breaking.. she needs to do a Facebook or Instagram fund raising page? So we can share .. what do you think
    Aggie xxx
    When is Arthur back and do come stay if you want to see Eddie.. be close by and we can all get together?
    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Thanks, Helen, for outlining the dire circumstances of this long drought. I saw it myself when I visited Kenya June/July/August…and i know things are so much worse today. The UN states that the net world human population grows by 80 million EACH YEAR…completely unsustainable growth that is destroying forests, wildlife, livestock and humans. Much love to you, Pete and staff for you devotion to this unique part of our planet.

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