Grey/brown and seemingly dead to green and LIFE!

It’s incredible …. it’s unbelievable… Its REAL!… You just need to go back in my blogs to believe how bad it got!


CLOUDS ARE MAGIC!! … Clouds, rain, water from the sky?? really it is magic!..

The last month or so has been the most extraordinary feeling.. There seems to be a sense of disbelief, calm, pinching ourselves .. is it true? Counting 10 with your eyes closed when you open them its true!!..


Just a reminder!… from dust.. this picture shows what it was like just before the rains came properly..
Then… the clouds build.

I don’t need to bang on about how bad it’s been, I’ve tried my best to keep positive in my blogs of the past three years … its been really hard work, NO worries now.. EVERY THING HAS BURST INTO LIFE!! Its absolutely amazing.. !!

cloud burst
heavy rain
The rain came
it poured
It flooded
Milgis Lugga, remember is a km wide, imagine how much water is in it..
Milgis Lugga, and more rain to come
massive build up on the Kirisia hills
water, water, water!
Motio.. The whole of the Milgis is squished into this amazing spot and tumbles down 30 feet ..
bubbling, frightening waters..

massive floods taking whole banks down..

trees and banks wiped away

Debris dropped on spots right above the normal river levels..

debris Motio
in side one of our camps!
Eroded banks!

and now some of the results!

The growth is sort of unbelievable
In one of our camps
suddenly all round one, is flowers… paradise
this spot is where we filmed the little sequence with the 3 elephants in October … water was a battle then…
Look at this grass…

AND GUESS WHAT.. burrs and stickers.. ALL OVER

We are lost in the thick growth below Lkanto!
an early morning walk around Lkanto..
the beautiful heliotropium flowers are like magic..

There is NOT a single person in Samburu land that does not have a smile!… despite some losing 80-90 % even all, of their cattle.. Everyone is keen, ready for action, visiting their friends, reorganising their lives and moving on..

Below a look back to September when the drought was at its worst..

Down below Lkanto… September 2022.. beautiful lesser kudu caught on the night camera..
and now! Same spot as above !
While I’m in this spot.. caught on the night camera.. Look at what this lion is carrying home to her cubs, a porcupine..

ALL one needs is rain and things pop out of the woods all over!!

‘turkey tails’
turkey tails

Insects and flowers of all different sizes and shapes, all over

happiest butterflies
flowers across the board
caterpillars galor.. every where you look..
incredible coloured caterpillars ALL OVER!.. Take a moment to study these incredible natural beauties.. The designs and choice of colour, beats any human designer..
‘red’ elephants enjoying rolling in the red soil!
The mountains covered in fresh greenery, Ngurnit
this grass turns green in one day and turns brown almost as quickly when the rain disappears
short necked skink.. youngster
beds of lillies
lovely fresh rock pools !! Happy doggies

Camels are terrible in mud.. We had to be incredibly ‘on the ball’ to walk carefully through kms of mud!!

floods of mud
camels tiptoeing through the mud..
crossing the Barsaloi Lugga, lucky not so much water this day..
Massive flooding, the place has had a proper soaking..

AND talking of camels.. I want to remind you ALL.. ITS THE BEST TIME TO BE OUT ON A WALKING SAFARI!! .. PACK YOUR BAGS!!! PLEASE COME…..

on safari

Let us take you through green paradise and beyond.. Through our magical mountains and out to the desert to see the Giraffes, Aardwolf, and Cheetah, and lots more, never forgetting the Grevey’s zebras…

the most peaceful way to see the country, with camels..

Let us take you to the most peaceful places on earth, the gear all loaded onto the wonderful hardy and kindly camels, let us take you with our enthusiastic Samburu team across the mountains with views to die for.. …

early morning peace and quiet..
Lonyore Pesho and Baio
a view of the Ndoto’s and Milgis lugga
SUN, SAND and PALM TREES, on the Milgis lugga..
A wet sun rise, Motio
south/east Ndotos
Magical Milgis from Lkanto
Holding the sun for a moment..

STOP FOR A MO!! and here’s ‘Charlie’.. he’s really cool…

If you come on safari, you can become completely ‘bush’ and not brush your hair for the whole safari!!.. and look as good and as cool as ‘Charlie’


My favourite star, Arcturus in the constellation Bootes, in the evening was back in the east … showing the most amazing colours when it twinkles.. You can get this affect if you don’t keep the camera still..

I am not often lost for words to finally tell how relieved and calm we all are now… In Northern Kenya life is slowly getting back to normal.. The people who suffered big loses of livestock are heading out visiting their relatives and friends, and coming back with some thing to rebuild their own herd.. GENEROSITY AND YOUR NEIBOURS WELL BEING IS PARAMOUNT IN THE TRIBAL PEOPLES TRADITIONS, AND THIS MOMENT IS A FABULOUS SHOW CASE OF THIS…

I finish by thanking ALL you wonderful people who helped the very hungry in Northern Kenya to pull through the drought by sending money for food… THE PEOPLE ARE VERY VERY GRATEFUL.. and THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE SUPPORTED OUR EFFORTS TO HELP THE WILDLIFE SURVIVE.. I truly think we have saved hundreds, thousands ‘god knows’ by just opening up the wells so they can get in and out!!



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