Opening Eyes for the Elephants…

HORR VALLEY NOVEMBER 2nd to the 9th 2012 Milgis/MEAK Eye mission… This lovely Lady on the left was completely blind in both eyes, and was brought into Ngurnit in 2007.. He she is now leading another blind person in to the Mission at South Horr! As I have mentioned many times!, the Elephants want to return […]

The Milgis is Roaring

In more ways than one!! Scouts working hard, and Elephants happy, Tractor going strong, Schools going well, Sponsor kids back at school, etc, etc but perhaps today the most important bit of news, on this one year anniversary since Pete’s mega walk on Oct 15th 2011…. IT IS RAINING in Northern Kenya!!.. Soooo Exciting.. This picture was taken […]

To be successfull in conservation you must work with the communities…

The Milgis Trust takes this issue very seriously, working very closely with the Samburu and Rendille pastoral people who live here.. Together we are endeavouring to keep this WILD AND BEAUTIFUL place in Northern Kenya preserved.. While out on an evening walk on our last safari, these two Elephants are out in the open with out a […]

Archive Blogs from May 2008 to December 2008

Welcome to ‘The Milgis Trust’ Category: Uncategorized Date: May 3rd 2008 By: Paula This is not a new conservation project, its been going since 2004, but we’ve only just discovered wildlife direct.!!.. 3 years too late, but happy to be here.. This area in northern Kenya is unique, wild, unknown..and exciting.. and what we have […]