MILGIS WEBSITE is ready! + this elephant is now happy!!..

Thanks to Lewa for the helicopter expertly piloted by James Ndirangu,  DSWT vet Dr Rono, and many residents living close to the Milgis lugga, this elephant is back on the road!!.. Very soon after my last blog once again the ‘tell tail’ signs of something wrong on the sand!!

The ‘tell tail’ signs that things are not looking good for this elephant.. 3 days after we saw this, and the fact that he left the herd he was with,  we called for help just in case it was ‘Lokuchum’..

so once again the phone calls to look for help.. Only thing different this time is every one was able and ready to help.. We were so grateful for the prompt reaction.

this elephant was not happy with the situation and the stories are amazing.. Every one on the team got full marks for being brave, and absolutely determined to give help to this elephant… Finally fuel was low on the heli, the pilot was calm, Rono was even calmer, as the eley tried to lift the car with his tusks!! they managed in the end !!.. the bush was so thick and this eley was angry!!

In and out of the thick bush and some pretty brave people on the ground and in the air!!

Finally he is down, and work must start quickly!

Lolokuria taking a moment to hug the poor Elephant.. The Samburu truely respect these wonderful animals!!

Dr Rono, directing the proceedings!!

Plenty of help from the locals..

Taking blood samples, to see if the swollen limb was indeed this nasty ‘Lokuchum’ but they found nothing.. Rono was at a loss of why he was limping but what we know is whatever he gave him cleared it!!

Big boy!

our men followed him for a few days after and are happy to say no more limping, and hes back into his life .. So a huge amount of thanks to all involved..

other news!! our team as we speak are out ‘on tour’ showing the world of Samburu and Rendille a few facts about what is happening to our earth.. and its going down incredibly well!!.  “RAMATE e LOSHO’ ‘looking after society’ film, which is our plea to the pastoral people to BE CAREFUL!!

ALSO.. being shown out there in the desert..

Here below is a film filmed on some remote Island in the North pacific where birds are dieing because they are eating plastic, even feeding their young!  thank you very much Chris Jordan.. You have made a HUGE DIFFERENCE TO OUR WORK!!  any one who can show this film to people who throw plastic .. it will change them!!

I tell them that this man could not sleep untill he got this message to the world.. he says it in a better way though!! ‘Untill my ghastly tale is told, this heart with in me burns’.. He goes on to say.. ‘do we have the courage to face the realities of our time, and allow ourselves to feel deeply enough that it transforms us and our future’  Chris Jordan

Look at there faces!.. these guys are shocked and transformed!! this small film has made such a difference.. I see people all over collecting bits of rubbish now.. thank you very much Chris Jordan.. Good work.. and hope those birds on that beautiful island will beable to live and eat as birds should soon because of this film! 

This film will make a huge huge difference to the the area.. thank you so much to the man that made it!!

Watching a film by a man who could not sleep till he got the word out!!

Actually every one who sees it says their animals are dieing because of the same problem, so even more .. it WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

Addition to the team!!.. Milgis is expanding into an area that needs our help..

Every two months all our scouts walk to lkanto.. covering well over 1000 kms to meet , talk, laugh, and think about the the way forwards!!!.. Here we all are doing just that!!

Our colourfull ladies.. I love the new addition, the little one here on the right!.. she was very entertaining!!

‘Milgis is spreading its wings’!!.. “Milgis” does not have an ‘area’ with a boundary that we work in but lets say when things are good, ie security is calm, or the rains where good, and theres food for their livestock, we work with in the purple line but its not our boundary because we work with pastoral peoples, when they move, we move with them because generally the wildlife move in the same direction!

Aproximately the area that Milgis covers in conservation..  inside the purple area is normal operations and inside the yellow line is where we are including the Rendille people in our programmes!..

two years ago we met this amazing man.. Satin Kahle.. He’s Rendille and he is devoted to the cause!.. He is a home guard from Kargi and now part of our team!

Satin Kahle from Kargi explains to our scouts that , where he lives nobody has ever told the people not to kill wild animals!! so we’ve been killing them, BUT NOW THAT WILL STOP!!

he’s explaining to our scouts how he met us in the Chalbi desert and he only spent a week with us but that changed his veiw on things .. He is now completely devoted to the cause.. He believes in nature, wild life and people all living happily together..

Our new recruit.. from Kargi.. he is hughly respected, head of the home guards in his area, and is spreading the ‘Milgis’ word far and wide!

This is where Satin comes from.. Kargi.. near the chalbi desert.. His milgis name will be ‘Korole’ after the amazing springs in the chalbi desert!.. he cant wait to see Grevy Zebra and Elephant back again.. and with his energy this will happen!

Chalbi desert!

the massive expanse of Kargi.. you come off the amazing lava wall from Marsabit mountain and then you have the desert!

flying over the huge lava flow from Marsabit mountain, and heres this amazing cone!

see on the map how the lava comes to an abrupt halt then its the desert.. theres wild life in and out of the lava..

a typical Rendille manyatta.. west of Korr

Lgelegele and Korole on patrol..

Surprisingly there is still plenty of game here!! And then we have the incredible Korole springs!

Korole springs .. looking towards Mt Kulal

the bird life is extraordinary.. the residents are always there, and then hundreds of thousands of migratory birds call in here, plus of hundreds and thousands of pastoral people come through here in the dry season.. this place is a hive of activity from dawn to dark and dark to dawn!


Susannes visit!!.. From Wanaduma childrens project!.. This amazingly dedicated person comes to see us every year and only wants to leave when shes found some where where she can help.. This year we dropped into Ngurnit and this group of people called on her to help.. all with horrible, not funny medical problems and all living where there is no where to turn for help..

sz amoungst all the people with real problems..

Sz is happiest when she can help!

Noonchura school built in memory of Susannes mother Carlene Garrison..  Still going strong and healthy!

The mothers!

The fathers!

the kids.. Love it they’ve gone to sleep on the school table!

The teacher!! he doesnt mind if some are sleeping.. So typical Samburu

Anyway you all.. Milgis is officially opening our new website, very expertly done by Digby, many hours and frustrations!! BUT up and running finally..

4 thoughts on “MILGIS WEBSITE is ready! + this elephant is now happy!!..

  1. Great newsletter full of interesting news, congratulations on all you have managed to achieve, what a great difference you have made to so many people and animals and the ecosystem. What a great website too, Bravo. Digby.

  2. Dear friends – I continue to read your reports avidly and am happy to see so much good news. GREAT work saving that huge elephant! I have the stone from the Milgis at my desk and am determined to return it to the earth there someday. Love from the other side of the Atlantic. Kate

  3. Helen – I so look forward to, and enjoy your newsletter. Such great news all round.I love the photos too. Those kids must be tired!!
    Keep up the wonderful work. Love Jane

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