At last some rain!!! The Milgis is Smiling!


1 Milgis Dry as a bone

For months and months every morning we would wake up to this…..YES totally unbelievably beautiful BUT not a cloud in the sky.. All over, animals dieing of thirst and starvation.. The scouts trying their best to help the wildlife survive, and every one willing and hoping for a cloud to rise out from the desert!.. Its been too long.. The rains were terrible this time last year in October/November 2014 and almost failed completely in April/May 2015 so things were bad by the time we got to nearing the end of October when the rains should have been in full swing.. BUT ‘Ngai’ ( the Samburu God.. or nature as we see it!)  didn’t let us down completely as this was our veiw down the Milgis on the 1st of November!!.. A HUGE PROPER MILGIS STORM!!,  with incredible winds and followed by plenty of rain……..

2 Here it comes!5 The start of the rains!6 Disapointing rainbow

I say it again..  at last!! AT LAST… 6 thats Better!!!

THATS BETTER!!! in my last blog I had a picture of the tiny cloud burst up in the Northern Ndotos .. This is in the same direction…. looking a lot better!..

The beautiful sight of Luggas in flood and the country side greening up!

7 Milgis in flood finally

8 Beautiful water!

The Motio falls.. Half way down the Mighty lugga… 9 The motio falls

and the Milgis Lugga heading to the East, and into the Kaisut Desert10. Milgis to the east

AND some of our new dams  full to bursting with water!.. two in the Keno valley in the south end of the Ndotos..  Thanks to our extemely generous friends in portugal.. The communities can’t believe their eyes!! After such a long dry season..

AND Mpagas.. This one before the rains and half done


And then with water!!  Thank you Nigel Goodman for funding this dam.. It is going to be very successful!.. not full but very well placed for good water..

13 New mpagas Dam 11.11.15

13 Mpagas dam PG

the newest Milgis Dam in Mpagas..

Driver in the plane     our very happy tractor driver in the plane seeing his dams with water… such an important thing for the communitie’s and wildlife as when the rains come, its sometimes the hardest time to get clean water..

Ilkiramats meeting     Every four months our 32 Informers/Lkiramats meet to discuss the situation and this time it was sadly all about deaths because it was just too dry.. 39 Desert warthogs reported dead to the south and west of the Ndotos, despite every one trying to help them get to water.. At the same time the Samburu have lost thousands of Sheep and cattle to the drought.

BUT all is good now and our wildlife and livestock live another day or year!!

We thank TANG prize our friends from Taiwan, Jesse Chern for this wonderful gift to the Milgis lkiramats.. a beautiful backpack for each man/woman to help them travel the long distances and  carry out his duties..

back pack

Finally we managed a few days before the rain to drill a very very exciting fruitful borehole for the people of Mpagas.. They deserve it more than any one.. Boy have they suffered this year.. but now they are all smiles and as soon as its possible our water team will be there to install the solar panels..  Drilling Images2  HEATHER AND RICHARD GIBSON This is a very exciting project… We THANK YOU SO MUCH!!



One thought on “At last some rain!!! The Milgis is Smiling!

  1. Wonderful news! I guess we can thank El Nino too. Now the warthogs and other wildlife, livestock can relax and enjoy this moment in time….hopefully, more rains to follow.
    Thank you Helen, Pete, the Samburu for your wonderful work for the environment and every living creature that lives in it!

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